Artist Statement

Santiago Painting at EaselUltimately, life experiences take us through journeys of stirred emotions that give us internal snapshots of memories. My goal is to bring forth a collage of these moments of despair to ecstasy and let the viewer decide which state of consciousness they want to dwell in. 

My work focuses on combining abstract and representative elements to fuse both the literal intent that lends tangibility for my aims while allowing the viewer freedom to infuse individual meanings in the intangibilities of color, forms and shapes.  The central message of my works seeks to illuminate man's indecency towards his fellow man and  the emotional turmoil common to the universal human experience that ultimately bring us to an emergent experience of personal enlightenment.

Every painting, every brushstroke, every triumph and every disappointment I have experienced as an artist has led me to this point in my life and career.  The fact that you are reading this is a testament to perseverance, hope and my continuing artistic journey. With each painting, I am working towards a lifelong dream of spending my days creating art. 




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